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Who we are

Sussex Search & Rescue (SusSAR) is one of many Lowland Search & Rescue units which exist across the country. We are affiliated to Lowland Rescue who co-ordinate the county-based groups and set the training standards we have to adhere to.


As a 100% volunteer organisation our members give their time free of charge and expect nothing in return but satisfaction from a job well done. We exist to serve the community of Sussex through the goodwill of our members and charitable donations.


We can be called out by Sussex Police and neighbouring units at any time day or night. Our team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year whatever the weather.


We dedicate our time to help the people of Sussex that need us the most when their loved ones go missing.


What we do

We are professionally trained and qualified to high standards, and are a vital volunteer resource to Sussex Police.


Since 2002, SusSAR has helped save numerous missing people, right across the county. Most callouts are to search for vulnerable missing people such as the elderly, people living with dementia, despondents, children and anyone else deemed to be a high risk. Our task is to locate them having been given a briefing by the police, and to return them to a place of safety.


Our team train at least twice a month, in order to keep up the high standards and professionalism required by Sussex Police and Lowland Rescue. Members are qualified in search techniques, first aid, navigation, tracking, bike searching, water safety, communications, search planning and management.


We also have a water team trained in swift water rescue and flood response. Being an operational member of the team requires a high level of commitment


SusSAR the charity

As a charity Sussex Search and Rescue rely on the kindness of the public, businesses and other organisations who provide donations and grants.


We have a number of supporters who provide practical assistance, not just money. Are you a garage? Would you be able to service our vehicles for a reduced price (or free?).


Are you a printing company? Could you print us publicity material to help us get our message out?


We would welcome any offers of support no matter how small.

Statistics for 2023

Equivalent value provided to Sussex Police and Community
Training exercises
Search technicians
Swiftwater rescue technicians
Rescue vehicles
Expenses annually
Hours donated