Twenty Years of Search and Rescue

2022 will witness the team celebrate its 20th anniversary. The team was formed in 2002 and formally became a charity in the December of that year.


Since then the team have been working in partnership with Sussex police in the searching for vulnerable missing persons across the county, from the East on the Kent border to the border of Hampshire in the West and Northwards up to Surrey. We can also be called to assist our neighbouring teams across these borders.


As a registered charity we do not receive any government funding, and rely on charitable donations, fundraising and grant applications. On an average year it  costs upwards of £25,000.00 for the team to operate, this includes running our small fleet of vehicles, equipping our water and bank search teams, (foot search teams provide most of there own clothing and equipment) on going training for our members, training for new recruits, purchasing essential life saving equipment and keeping our communications system up to date.


With this in mind, we have set ourselves a huge target to raise £20,000 in our 20th year. Individual team members will be taking part in their own fundraising events over the year, and we will be attending a number of public events during the year, such as The 999 Emergency Services Show in Eastbourne in July, and we will be present at Plumpton racecourse with a display stand at Easter.


We cant raise these funds alone so we would be looking for assistance from you the general public.

You can help in many ways, such as:


⇾ Do you run an organisation that would like us to present a talk on the work we do?
⇾ Do you run a company that is looking to raise funds for a specific charity?
⇾ As an individual are you hosting an event to raise money for charity?
⇾ Or maybe you could just make a small donation to our fundraiser? Click here to view our JustGiving page


If you can help in any way ,no matter how small, please email:

Thank you.


Raising 20k for our twentieth anniversary

Statistics for 2021

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