Our Management Team

Chair: Danny Wood - Danny has overall responsibility for the team and acts as chair for meetings. He is also a trustee, responsible for the good governance of the charity. Contact Danny here.

Secretary: Paul Francis - Paul has responsibility for the administration of the team and ensuring our insurance remains current etc. He is also a trustee. Contact Paul here.

Treasurer: Jackie Deacon - Jackie is responsible for the financial aspects of the team and is the third trustee for the charity. Contact Jackie here.

Fundraising: Jackie Deacon - Jackie is currently our acting fundraising officer, responsible for raising the funds we need to keep the team running. Contact Jackie here.

Welfare: Darren Charteris - Darren is responsible for the welfare of the team. Contact Darren here.

Training: Andy Clark - Andy is responsible for all aspects of training within the charity, working with a team to provide the training. Contact Andy here.

Recruitment: Jon Henderson - Jon is responsible for recruitment of new members. If you are interested in joining us contact Jon here.

If you have a general query please contact the Secretary - secretary@sussar.org. As we are a charity we cannot promise to reply immediately but will respond to your question as soon as we can.

Our Postal Address is:

c/o Haywards Heath Police Station
Bolnore Road
Haywards Heath
RH16 4BA


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Thank you.